TROUTVILLE, VA – 24175 – IRS Back Tax Help

TROUTVILLE, VA – 24175 – IRS Back Tax Help

Phoenix Financial Group can assist businesses and individuals in TROUTVILLE, VA – 24175 resolve their back tax issues. Phoenix Financial Group is a firm of tax Enrolled Agents and enrolled agents who specialize in dealing with the collections division of the IRS. Our tax professionals have over 100 years of combined experience in the tax resolution industry. We have an extensive reference list of over 70 satisfied clients who can attest to our service. Owing the IRS back taxes can be scary. You are probably receiving threatening letters. The IRS will proceed with their threats of levy and seizure if you do not address your back taxes. The tax Enrolled Agents and enrolled agents at Phoenix Financial Group know all of your rights as a taxpayer. Do not fall victim to an overly aggressive Revenue Officer or Automated Collection Service (ACS) Representative. Let us protect you from the IRS’ enforced collection tactics. If you reside in TROUTVILLE, VA – 24175, Phoenix Financial Group can help you fix your tax problem. There are several programs that the IRS offers to resolve your back tax debt. An Offer in Compromise allows qualified applicants the ability to only pay a portion of the back tax owed because you can’t afford to pay the full amount owed. An Offer is based on your financial condition. The tax Enrolled Agents and enrolled agents at Phoenix Financial Group have submitted hundreds of Offers for our clients. The IRS also allows you to repay your past due tax debt via an Installment Agreement. However, if not done properly you could end up with a payment amount that you can’t afford. Payment plans are based on what the IRS feels is your “ability to pay”. It is crucial that your financial statements are completed correctly to prevent this from happening. The representatives at Phoenix Financial Group have established thousands of Installment Agreements for our clients. The IRS will also allow abate the penalties that have been assessed, if you can prove that you had reasonable cause for falling behind. The tax professionals at Phoenix Financial Group have had hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of penalties abated for our clients. If you owe any of the following tax types, Phoenix Financial Group can help: 941 Withholding Tax Debt, 1040 Personal Income Tax Debt, 1120 Corporate Income Tax Debt, Civil Penalties, 940 Federal Unemployment, Tennessee Withholding Tax Debt and more. Phoenix Financial Group is A Rated with the Better Business Bureau. Ask to see our extensive reference list of satisfied clients who will vouch for our services and integrity. Call Phoenix Financial Group at (888) 572-2179 today!!

If you or your business are located in TROUTVILLE, VA – 24175 call Phoenix Financial Group at (866) 672-1067 for a free consultation.

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Most Common IRS Forms

IRS Letter1058 : Notice of Intent to Levy

IRS LetterCP504 : Notice of Intent to Levy

IRS Form 668y : Notice of Federal Tax Lien

IRS Form 668a : Notice of Levy on Bank Accounts or Accounts Receivable

IRS Form CP91 : Intent to Levy Social Security

IRS Form 656 : Offer in Compromise

IRS Form 12153 : Collection Due Process

IRS Form 843 : Penalty Abatement

IRS Form 911 : Taxpayer Advocate

IRS Form 668w : Notice of Levy on Wages or Other Income

IRS Form 2751 : Proposed Assessment of Trust Fund Recovery Penalty