Tax Relief

The IRS uses aggressive collection tactics to collect the money that is owed to them. They are supposed to do this in the least obtrusive manner possible. However, their definition of obtrusive might be a little bit different than yours. Phoenix Financial Group will give you the tax relief you need by contacting the IRS for you.

The following are some examples of tax relief we offer our clients:

Levies: Prevention and Release

Get professional help today so that you are not subject to enforced collection like bank levies and account receivable levies. Let our enrolled agents and enrolled agents protect your bank accounts.

Installment Agreement/Payment Plan

Get a IA that you can afford. Agreeing to pay a monthly amount that you cannot afford will lead to a defaulted Installment Agreement and further trouble with the IRS. Let one of our licensed tax professionals get you an IA that you can afford.

Release of Tax Liens

Liens can be released when you have paid your tax debt. If you have paid your debt and the IRS has not released the lien, we can help. We can also help you with a lien subordination or a lien discharge.

Fresh Start

The IRS is currently offering a Fresh Start program for qualified individuals. The Offer in Compromise is part of the Fresh Start Program. Settle your debt for less than the full amount owed. Give PFG a call to find out how.

IRS Final Notice Letter 1058

Beware! If you have received this letter, your bank accounts may be subject to levy. Your assets may be subject to seizure. Let a PFG tax professional help you get your assets and accounts protected.

Penalty Reduction

IRS penalties can be reduced or removed. Get representation to find out how to reduce your balance.

IRS Letter CP 504

Urgent the IRS intends to levy on certain assets. Take this letter seriously. If you do not address you back tax problem, then the IRS will levy your bank accounts, levy your accounts receivable, garnish your wages and ultimately seize your assets. Time is running out. Get a professional to help with your tax debt now.

Garnishment of Income

The IRS can send a garnishment letter to your employer telling them to pay the IRS a big chunk of your paycheck. This can be a financially devastating action. Let a PFG representative prevent this type of action or release it if it has already been done.

Professional Representation

All of PFG’s associates are licensed to practice before the IRS. Our tax professionals will give you the best representation possible. Let them handle all of the contact with the IRS for you. Get your rights as a taxpayer protected.

Outstanding Returns

If you have any unfilled returns, we can help you get them filed. Get a licensed IRS Enrolled Agent to file your outstanding returns. A resolution cannot be obtained while you have outstanding returns. We can help you with both business and personal tax returns.

Collection Appeal Program

Most adverse action taken by the IRS can be appealed if you know how. Our licensed staff are experts at getting results from the Appeals Division at the IRS. Don’t go it alone. Get help today

941 Help

Does your business owe 941 Withholding Tax? PFG specializes in dealing with this type of tax. The IRS can be very aggressive in their efforts to collect this type of back tax. We can help you resolve your past due 941 taxes.

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