Testimonial #1

R.T. – Colorado “Phoenix Financial Group got write on the point and took care of my IRS problem in one hour! Fee was upfront and fair.”

Testimonial #2

M.S. – Ohio “My business owed over $200,000 my payment amount is only $2,000 per month.”

Testimonial #3

K.A. – Florida “Phoenix Financial Group prevented the seizure of my equipment long enough for me to refinance. I had over $10,000 in penalties dropped . . .”

Testimonial #4

R.B. – North Carolina “Phoenix Financial Group saved me over $200,000 by changing the type of entity of my business.”

Testimonial #5

C.F. – Texas “Phoenix Financial Group saved me over $60,000 through an Offer in Compromise.”

Testimonial #6

C.M. – California “They dealt with my aggressive Revenue Officer who was threatening to seize my business’ assets. They got me a $2000 a month payment plan and my debt is over $300,000.”

Testimonial #7

J.M. – Arkansas – “I feel like I have friends in Colorado. They got me time to sell some property to pay my tax debt. They helped me sleep at night while I was going through a tough time.”

Testimonial #8

A.F. – Georgia “Phoenix Financial Group saved my business over $100,000 by submitting an Offer in Compromise and I was not held personally responsible.”

Testimonial #9

P.R. – Florida “We are a small daycare. They got me an affordable payment plan and reduced the penalties on my tax debt because of the hurricanes that hit Florida.”