Letter 1058 : Notice of Intent to Levy

IRS Letter1058 : Notice of Intent to Levy

When the IRS issues IRS Letter1058, it indicates their intent to start levying bank accounts, accounts receivable, and/or issuing wage garnishments. Most likely, a local IRS Revenue Officer has sent this letter to you. The enrolled agent at Phoenix Financial Group know how to negotiate with the IRS to prevent any of these actions from happening.

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IRS Form Letters and Correspondence

The IRS is a form driven bureaucracy. The IRS has to keep track of millions of taxpayers, trillions of dollars, and millions of tax returns. This is not an easy task. If you have found yourself within the collection division of the IRS, you know what “being treated like a number” truly feels like.

The IRS is forced to issue letters, correspondence and forms relative to certain trigger events. Whether a tax return is due, an appeal needs to be filed, a back tax debt is accrued or a Notice of Federal Tax Lien needs to be filed; the IRS addresses these issues by filing or mailing a multitude of form letters. In most cases if you have received any of these letters you should call us immediately. 888.572.2179 The following is a description of the most common forms or letters:

Most Common IRS Forms

IRS Letter1058 : Notice of Intent to Levy

IRS LetterCP504 : Notice of Intent to Levy

IRS Form 668y : Notice of Federal Tax Lien

IRS Form 668a : Notice of Levy on Bank Accounts or Accounts Receivable

IRS Form CP91 : Intent to Levy Social Security

IRS Form 656 : Offer in Compromise

IRS Form 12153 : Collection Due Process

IRS Form 843 : Penalty Abatement

IRS Form 911 : Taxpayer Advocate

IRS Form 668w : Notice of Levy on Wages or Other Income

IRS Form 2751 : Proposed Assessment of Trust Fund Recovery Penalty