Success Stories

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IRS Payroll Tax Liability

A law firm in Colorado Springs, Colorado hired Phoenix Financial to help resolve over $325,000 in IRS payroll tax liability. When the client hired Phoenix, JK Harris had been representing the firm and working with them for over 3 months, with no results to show for it. JK Harris had allowed the law firm to get levied by the time Phoenix was hired.

The associate assigned to the case with Phoenix got the levy released on the first day of representation. In a matter of 3 weeks, this associate managed to negotiate a payment plan for the company.

State Unemployment Tax Liability

A Construction firm in Ohio hired Phoenix Financial to help resolve over $50,000 in State Unemployment tax liability. After much research and negotiations, Phoenix Financial managed to prove to the State that not only did the company not have employees for the periods in question, but that no tax was ever owed in the first place. The State dropped the liability, and the taxpayer’s account was cleared entirely.

A heating and ventilation company in Oregon hired Phoenix to handle $35,000 in payroll tax liability. After negotiating a payment plan for the business, the associate with Phoenix obtained the abatement of penalties on the account totaling over $10,000.

IRS Liability

A convenience store in Iowa hired Phoenix Financial to represent them for an IRS liability of over $37,000. The Revenue Officer assigned to the case was unreasonable and refused to cooperate with the taxpayer. When the Revenue Officer became belligerent and levied the taxpayer, the associate assigned to the case with Phoenix went over the Revenue Officer’s head and negotiated directly with the group manager for the Des Moines office.

He managed to get the IRS levy released in a matter of 36 hours, thus keeping the business in operation and preventing any future levy action by the Revenue Officer involved. The associate then went on to negotiate the placement of the taxpayer into a holding status, allowing the business over one year’s time of not making payments toward the liability and time to get back on it’s feet financially.

State Liability

The client is a small restaurant that opened less than two years ago in Alabama. The taxpayer hired a CPA to handle the tax obligations for the business when it opened, however the CPA disappeared and the taxpayer was left not knowing or understanding what to do. The taxpayer hired our firm to assist them with the tax liability owed to the state of Alabama.

The taxpayer had received some very threatening notices from the state and had been contacted by a field collection agent. The taxpayer was unsure what to do or where to begin to address the tax issues.

Within 24 hours of the client hiring our firm we made contact with the collection field agent assigned to our client’s account. The field agent advised us that he was sending the taxpayer’s case to circuit court so the state could formally close the business by padlocking the doors and seizing the assets of the business.

We were able to negotiate a three day hold to allow us time to work with the taxpayer and bring the business into filing compliance.

We were able to educate our client as to the responsibilities of the business and assist the client in filing the missing tax returns by the deadline we negotiated with the state. We worked diligently with the taxpayer to prepare a formal Collection Information Statement for the business and negotiated a twelve month Installment Agreement for the client all within two weeks from the client hiring our firm.

The client is now educated on the responsibilities of its tax filings for the business and is working on repaying the past due tax debt of over $27,000 owed for sales and withholding tax to the state.

Installment Agreement

The client is a trucking company that was having some issues with the Internal Revenue Service. The business had failed to file its returns or pay the balances owed and now has a tax liability of approximately $75,000. The business was being contacted by a revenue officer who was wanting to take enforcement action against the business for the large balance owed.

The client, with the help of his CPA, completed a collection information statement for the business and submitted it to the revenue officer prior to hiring our firm. The revenue officer did not agree with what was submitted and the client became very concerned that the Internal Revenue Service would not accept an Installment Agreement. The client hired PFG to assist them with the negotiations with the revenue officer.

We were able to speak in detail with the revenue officer regarding his concerns with the financial information provided and we worked with the CPA to obtain accurate information.

The client believed the business could afford $1,500 per month to repay the past due tax debt, but upon our financial review, we determined that the business could only afford $1,200 per month. We were successful in negotiating the Installment Agreement of less than what the client felt could be afforded.

The client can now move forward with operating the business while repaying the Internal Revenue Service in monthly payments.