Charlotte North Carolina – IRS Installment Agreement / Payment Plan

Charlotte North Carolina – IRS Installment Agreement / Payment Plan

Phoenix Financial Group can help you with your back tax issues. We can establish Installment Agreements (Payment Plans) with the IRS that are affordable to you. We will represent you before the IRS so that you do not have to speak with them directly. Don’t get locked into an Installment Agreement that you can’t afford because you did not get the help that you need. Our tax Enrolled Agents and IRS Enrolled Agents can assist you in getting a payment plan that fits with your budget. Phoenix Financial Group can also assist you in reducing the penalties that the IRS has assessed against you. Act now before the IRS takes enforced collection action such as issuing a bank or accounts receivable levy, seizing assets or garnishing wages. We can help you get levies and garnishments released. We can help you with your personal income tax (IRS Form 1040) or your business taxes (IRS Form 1120 Corporate Income Tax, 1065 Partnership Income Tax Return, 941 Employers Quarterly Withholding Tax Return or 940 Federal Unemployment Tax Return).

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Most Common IRS Forms

IRS Letter1058 : Notice of Intent to Levy

IRS LetterCP504 : Notice of Intent to Levy

IRS Form 668y : Notice of Federal Tax Lien

IRS Form 668a : Notice of Levy on Bank Accounts or Accounts Receivable

IRS Form CP91 : Intent to Levy Social Security

IRS Form 656 : Offer in Compromise

IRS Form 12153 : Collection Due Process

IRS Form 843 : Penalty Abatement

IRS Form 911 : Taxpayer Advocate

IRS Form 668w : Notice of Levy on Wages or Other Income

IRS Form 2751 : Proposed Assessment of Trust Fund Recovery Penalty