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Alaska IRS Tax Relief

When faced with an IRS tax problem, Phoenix Financial Group Enrolled Agents and IRS Enrolled Agents have the experience to successfully resolve your back tax problem. Our tax resolution services offer successful IRS negotiations that include Offer in Compromises, IRS Installment Agreements, IRS Penalty Abatements and IRS settlements. Our IRS Enrolled Agents have represented taxpayers who need an Alaska Enrolled Agent.




When an Alaska Enrolled Agent or Enrolled Agent is negotiating with the IRS, it is good to have good contact information for the local offices. Revenue Officers who handle most cases are located at these offices. These revenue officers issue liens and bank account levies to try to collect back tax debt.

Alaska State Taxes

If you are negotiating with the South Carolina Department of Revenue, we can help. Whether you owe income tax, withholding tax or sales tax, we can offer you the tax debt help you need. Our enrolled agent have represented taxpayers in South Carolina for all of these types of debt.


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