CARMEL, CO – 81101 – IRS Offer and Compromise

CARMEL, CO – 81101 – IRS Offer and Compromise

Are you close to CARMEL, CO – 81101 and want to submit an Offer and Compromise?Phoenix Financial Group is a tax resolution firm that focuses on helping taxpayers resolve their back taxes. Call 888.572.2179. A+ rated with the BBB. An Offer and Compomise is actually called an Offer in Compromise. It’s a common mistake. An Offer in Compromise is where a qualifed applicant can settle their debt for a fraction of what is owed. The IRS will analze your financial condition to see if you qualify for a reduced settlement. Submitting an Offer can be a long and time consuming process. The tax Enrolled Agents and enrolled agents at Phoenix Financial Group have the experience needed to make sure you get the best chance of having your Offer accepted. The Offer program also known as the Fresh Start Program can save you thousands of dollars. Give us a call to find out if you qualify. We can help businesses and individuals submit an Offer. Do you owe on your personal income tax return, Form 1040? We can help. Call (888) 572-2179 today.

If you are in CARMEL, CO – 81101 call us at 888.572.2179 for a free consultation.

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